Pick&Place Machine

  • Chip Mounter MT-602

    Chip Mounter MT-602

    Puhui MT-602 is a new type of pick and place machine. It is widely used for the PCB and LED board in the size of 300*400mm. Adopt two mounting head, it is easy to operate with high precision and stable.
  • 1.2m LED Chip Mounter MT-602L

    1.2m LED Chip Mounter MT-602L

    1.2M LED tuber SMT Machine MT-602L is a pick&place machine of components flexibility, PCB flexibility and production flexibility. It is equipped with cameras, 1.3m tray, 56 auto electronic feeders and 2 placement heads. MT-602L is the best choice to pick 1.2m LED tuber and the lowest cost.