SMT Machine

  • Chip Mounter MT-602

    Chip Mounter MT-602

    Puhui MT-602 is a new type of pick and place machine. It is widely used for the PCB and LED board in the size of 300*400mm. Adopt two mounting head, it is easy to operate with high precision and stable.
  • High Precision Printer

    High Precision Printer

    The platform can be rotated 30 degrees at most, and the precision can be kept all the way when repeat works. Easy to locate PCB board, high flexibility ensure high printing precision. The brackets using the bolt bar to adjust the height, convenient for controlling the thickness of PCB.
  • Manual Stencil Printer

    Manual Stencil Printer

    Simple manual stencil printer machine is small and convenient, especially for new product trial, and some low volume electronics factory, the production of many varieties, affordable, easy to use, is essential for the production of small electronic tools.
  • 1.2m LED Chip Mounter MT-602L

    1.2m LED Chip Mounter MT-602L

    1.2M LED tuber SMT Machine MT-602L is a pick&place machine of components flexibility, PCB flexibility and production flexibility. It is equipped with cameras, 1.3m tray, 56 auto electronic feeders and 2 placement heads. MT-602L is the best choice to pick 1.2m LED tuber and the lowest cost.