• How to choose conveyor reflow oven from Puhui tech ?

    How to choose conveyor reflow oven from Puhui tech ?

    As the precision of electronic products has put forward new requirements for reflow welding process, a general trend is to adopt more advanced heat transfer methods for reflow welding to achieve energy saving, uniform temperature, suitable for double-panel PCB and new de...
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  • Puhui releases 8-heating zone reflow oven T-980

    Puhui newest conveyor reflow oven T-980 has been releasing officially. More highlights than T-961S reflow oven,e.g. High sensitivity LCD touch screen for smooth operation experience. Multiple Refining working zones :8 heating zones+1 cooling zone ,create accurate cycle...
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  • How to choose solder paste for PCB production ?

    1.According to the product assembly process, PCB and components to choose solder paste alloy components (this is mainly according to the industrial production process conditions and use of the requirements and solder paste performance requirements). 2.In industrial production according to the pro...
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  • puhui shows new Products on The 2nd Qingdao Summit of Leaders of Multinational Corporations

    The 2nd Qingdao Summit of Leaders of Multinational Corporations was held in Qingdao on July 16th.As a high-tech leader in SMT industry in Shandong province,Puhui Electric Technology CO.,LTD was invited to participate in the Summit. The technological projects of our company in recent years were di...
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  • Soldering theory of Reflow Oven

    The main structure of reflow soldering oven / furnace is a tunnel furnace controlled by heat source. The circuit board coated with solder paste and affixed with components enters the furnace with the transmission mechanism at a straight and uniform speed. The sequence goes through the three basic...
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  • Big bang!

    Big bang!

    Puhui newest conveyor reflow oven T-980 is ready to enter into market grandly.More highlights than T-961S reflow oven,e.g. Smart LCD touch screen,8 heating zones,1160mm heating length,400mm soldering width Pls look forward ……
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  • What can we do for you?

    What can we do for you? Mr.Michael,a famous engineer, comes from Israel purchased 2 sets of puhui reflow oven T-961 in 2019, with a highly pleasant using experience with them. Recently,we received the new requirements from Mr.Michael about design the 961 reflow oven to a conveyor belt machine . H...
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  • Hey friends,Merry Christmas and happy new year to you!

    Hey dear friends,customers,partners,thank you very much for all your effort and cooperation in 2020! We are very excited at what year 2021 will bring to us.we will be stronger and develop better ,we will gain more and more win-win situation. Puhui team wish you a Merry Christmas and happy new yea...
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  • Hey,do you know the difference between PUHUI reflow ovens?

    For desktop drawer type reflow oven,PUHUI has 2 series: T-962 series and T-937 series. SO do you know the difference between them? Let’s get it clear here: 1.962 series adopts infrared lamps to heat 937 series adopts infrared lamps to heat,and there is a hot air fan to assist, so the heat uniform...
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  • Electric Technology Co., Ltd. innovation promotes patent and creates world brand

    Established in 2007, Puhui Electric Technology Co., Ltd. has been engaged in intensive cultivation in the electronic industry for 12 years and independently developed a variety of flow welding machines and patch mach...
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  • New Arrival! Puhui SMT LED Reflow Oven T960S

    Reflow Oven T960S adopts advanced touch screen control technology, which integrates machine operation and function display, making the working state display more intuitive, heating process more clear, and operation m...
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  • Puhui reflow oven & rework station through the CE certification

    Recently, Puhui reflow oven & rework station has passed a series of strict technical tests and obtained CE safety certification in the EU market. This indicates that Puhui's products has met the safety requirements of EU directives, and officially opened and entered ...
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